You can register your team for C-Level or B-/B+-Level. We are planning to have 20 teams in total. Depending on the level distribution of registered team, we possibly will split the teams in C, B-, B+.

Important notice: As we are very interested in applications from foreign teams, we exclusively reserve 2 places in each level for teams from abroad untill March 1st 2018. In addition, we have an application restriction on Berlin teams: No more than 50% of the participating teams should be from Berlin. If we are booked out, we will have a waiting list.

You can register the team and your companions, book additional tickets for the party and for the farewell brunch. The prices of the tickets will be as shown in the following table. Please have the name of your team, the captain’s name, his email address, and telefon number ready when registering for the event. In the registration process you also can register for a hosted housing or for additional tickets or brunch tickets

40,- € per player Tournament incl. Food & Drinks and the Party @SchwuZ
30,- € per spectator Access to tournament incl. Food & Drinks and the Party @SchwuZ
additional 5,- € per person Sunday Farewell Brunch
additional 5,- € per person Hosted Housing